I tour and lecture pretty much year-round.  To book me just drop me a line and I am happy to consider most anything. I charge on a sliding scale and am always glad to make good money but am kind of negotiating softie. I talk to community groups or universities, give public lectures, double them up with workshops, organize day-long events - let me know what you have in mind and I can tell you whats worked well in the past.

I typically have five or six lectures ready to go, but I adjust them for each gig and can always develop something specific. Right now I am mainly doing stuff around ecological urban sustainability, solidarity economies, the city from below, and radical urbanism, but continue to speak a lot about alternative education, deschooling, and youth issues. Pretty soon I’ll be touring a new book about sports as a site for political struggle. Ill post details on that tour sometime soon.

Matt Hern