I publish a pretty steady stream of essays, commentaries, articles, fiction, stories and features in a wide variety of journals and magazines worldwide. Pretty much of all of it you can find on-line. I’ll post what I can here.

My most recent story is in the November 2009 Vancouver Magazine. Its a short look at the UFC and its immanent arrival in Vancouver. I’m interested in the hysteria around MMA fighting and speculate that a lot that comes from the stain that the UFC’s working class, bloody physicality represents on Vancouver’s clean, green and investment-friendly visage.  I’m thinking about writing more on this and would happily hear your opinions on this article.

Here are a couple of recent pieces:

Thicker Than Water: Matt Hern Unbottles the Fresh Water Future. This was a cover story for the Summer 2009 issue of Vancouver Review:  It’s on stands now.

No Recipe for Funk: Matt Hern Asks How A City Gets Some Flavour was feature piece in The Vancouver Review: The Globe and Mail Featured the article as its Read of the Week.

The ‘Healing’ of Stanley Park and the Culture of Nature was published in three parts in Re: Place magazine and is available on-line at: