I tour and lecture pretty much year-round.  See below for a calendar of where I am speaking,  but I add dates and cities pretty often. To book me just drop me a line and I am happy to consider most anything. If possible, I like to charge on a sliding scale between $1000 – $3000  (if you  can’t afford that, give me a call. I’m kind of a softie). I am happy to talk to community groups or universities, give public lectures, double them up with workshops, organize day-long events – let me know what you have in mind and I can tell you whats worked well in the past.

I  usually have five or six lectures that I have more or less ready to go, but I adjust them for each gig and can always develop something specific. Right now I am mainly doing stuff around this new book, Common Ground in a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future :  talks about urban sustainability, the city from below and radical urbanism.

But others are available, in all kinds of renditions: Watch Yourself: Why Safer Isn’t Always Better, Possibility in the Face of Probability (deschooling and alternatives to school), Social Ecology and Counter Institutions, and lots else.



(selected dates)


January 5 Café Deux Soleils, Vancouver

January 13-15 Social Ecology Symposium, NYC

January 15 Bluestocking Books

January 17 Rhizome Café, Vancouver

January 28 Riddim and Spice, Vancouver

January 30 Riddim and Spice, Vancouver

January 31 Purple Thistle Centre, Vancouver

Friday, March 12 – UAA Conference, Hololulu

Sunday, March 14 – 11AM, Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair – San Fran

Sunday, March 14 – 6PM, Get Lost Books – San Fran

Monday, March 15 – 7PM, Left Bank Books – Seattle

Tuesday, March 16 – 7PM, Orca Books – Olympia

Wednesday, March 17 – 7PM, Red & Black Cafe – Portland


March 9th, 10th – Play Mountain Place – Los Angeles, CA

March 11th – UCLA – Los Angeles, CA

April 2nd – Sterling College, Sterling, VT

April 4th – Black Sheep Books Montpelier, VT

April 8th – Wooden Shoe Books – Philadelphia

April 9th – A-Space – Philadelphia

April 12- 16th – Calhoun School, NYC, NY

September 27th– Word on the Street, Library Square – Vancouver

September 30th – Civil Liberties and the Olympics – SFU HC – Vancouver

November 2nd– Imagining Citizenship Symposium – SFU Vancouver


March 6th – Richmond, BC – Richmond PAC

March 15th – Portland, OR – Village Free School

April 20th – Clark University, Worcester, MA

April 21st –Stone Soup Centre – Worcester, MA

April 22nd – Cambridge Public Library, Boston, MA

April 24th –Teddy McArdle Free School, Little Falls, NJ

April 27th – Brooklyn Free School, Brooklyn, NY

April 28th –Calhoun School, New York, NY

May 5th to July 18th – Vancouver, BC at UBC

May 12th –Wosk Centre, Public Policy Conf., Vancouver

May 14th –Contemporary Art Gallery – Vancouver

June 27th & 28th –AERO Conference, Albany, NY

September 1st – Izmir, Turkey

September 15th –University of the Aegean – Mitilini, Lesvos, Greece

September 24th –Workers’ Hall – Thessaloniki, Greece

September 26th –Aristotle University – Thessaloniki, Greece

October 5th –Yildiz Teknik University – Istanbul, Turkey


January – May: lecturing in SFU’s Urban Studies program,

Feb 9/10 –The Unschooling Conference – Madison, WI

March 24th – Saanich Neighbourhood House – Victoria, BC

May 10th to August 2nd – SFU Urban Studies – Local Government Course

May 15th – OISE Auditorium – Toronto, Ontario

May 19/20th – Montreal Anarchist Bookfair – Montreal, PQ

June 10th – Rime Café, Launch of Watch Yourself – Vancouver

June 27th -. Bluestockings Bookstore, U.S. Watch Yourself Launch – NYC

June 28th to July 1st –AERO Conference – Troy, NY

November 10th –University of Ottawa – Ottawa, Ontario

Dec. 1st – COPE Ideas Conference, Ukrainian Hall – Vancouver


February 4th: Prescott College, Prescott, AZ

February 27th: Canadian Voices Speaker Series – Nelson, BC

April 26th, 7:00: Alibi Room, BC Book and Magazine Week Cabaret – Vancouver,

April 30th: The Commons Conference, UVIC – Victoria, BC

May 4th – August 10th: Vancouver, SFU Urban Studies

May 19th – Vancouver, World Urban/Peace Forum, UBC, Youth and Social Justice

June 3rd & 5th: KA-MER Conference – Diyarbakir, Turkey/Kurdistan

June 9/10th – Marmara University – Istanbul, Turkey.

September 30th: Saskatoon Homeschooling Conference, Saskatoon, SK


May 20-21: Anarchist Book Fair, Montreal, PQ

May 25th: Windsor House Conference, Wosk Centre, Vancouver

June 24-26: AERO Conference, Albany/Troy, NY

June 27th: Bluestockings Books, NYC

August 11-14th: Learning in Our Own Way Conference, Boston, MA

August 18th: Black Sheep Books, Montpelier, VT

October 13-15: Oregon Association for Alternatives in Education’s Conference, Eugene

November 12th – Marmara University – Istanbul, Turkey

November 15th – Aristotle University – Thessaloniki, Greece